Dr Maya

Walking with You: From Dream to Delivery and Beyond!

When you entrust me as your guide, we’ll embark on a transformative experience grounded in authenticity and mutual understanding.   I’ll create space for you to openly process the very real emotions surrounding assisted reproduction – the concerns, fears, beliefs, and how this journey is impacting your life and closest relationships.  No topic is off-limits in our time together.

You’ll have the distinct advantage of my first-hand experience walking this path before.  Like you, I’ve intimately known the rollercoaster of IVF cycles and egg harvesting procedures.  And with my background as a physician, I can offer a depth of clinical insight – translating complex medical terms into clarify and confidence.

At The Doctor’s Womb®, we’ve curated a nurturing space – a cocoon of support where you’ll find expertise, and compassionate community – all tailored to your unique circumstances.

Can you envision it? Cradling your precious newborn, feeling the warmth of their tiny heartbeat against your chest?

This dream is very much within reach and if you’re read to redefine your fertility story into one of EmpowerHERment and hope, I invite you to apply today and join me at The Doctor’s Womb®.   Together, we’ll manifest the vision of motherhood you hold in your heart.

In shared courage and sisterhood,

Dr. Maya

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